Miquel Mont

He Inc. Dissociated Biography

17 X 24 CM, 252 PAGES


The image of the body is specular. It is impossible to see oneself, except through the eyes of a third party; either the mother, or anyone else. So, when he sets out to recount events from his childhood to recount his biography, Miquel Mont can only think of it as dissociated, diffracted. “Distinctive, distant”, we can also read written in a portrait of his mother produced in 2021, continuing a long process initiated in 2013. Over the years, Dissociated Biography has become the name of a fragmented form, which includes a film made with Anne-Marie Cornu in 2021, a series of paintings (2013-2021) that are portraits of members of her family and a book. Through all these elements, Miquel Mont confronts the affect-filled territory of his personal history told through the prism of his formal grammar, inviting us into a dance where each fragment, image or word echoes another.

Texts by Marion Daniel, Anne-Marie Cornu, Miquel Mont and short testimonials from the artist’s brothers and sisters.Translations by Peter Briggs, David Kidman, Stephen Maas, Eugenia Mont, Pau Monrós, Miquel Mont. Graphic design, Alex Gifreu.

Published with the supports of
Fondation Antoine de Galbert
artothèque de Vitré Communauté
Galeria RocioSantaCruz