Cafuné 01

Cafuné is an independently run project space in Berlin, created by two young Brazilian curators, dedicated to the experimentation and development of contemporary dialogues between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. By bringing together artists/curators/speakers from different continents, the space serves as a cultural melting pot and an opportunity for collaboration between multidisciplinary artists. Cafuné is hosting exhibitions, performances, film screenings, debates, readings, and any other forms of exchange related to creative and collective processes.

Editor’s note
When Ingrid and Olav approached us to create this publication, we were thrilled by the profusion of their project. They had, at the time, 4 months ahead of them and a free space to utilize in the heart of Neukölln. What delighted us the most was their prolific and spontaneous agenda that, day by day, evolved in unexpected ways. In this publication, we chose to show the sequence of the exhibitions and events during this very condensed moment and the energy that was impressed upon this space.
Agathe Lacroix & Manon Piel

Cafuné n°01, Berlin, 27 May 2017 – 2 September 2017

Artists : Nicolas Boillot, Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle, Riccardo Castagnola, Antonia Cattan, Cibele Cavalli Bastos, Alice Dalgalarrondo, Pepê Dayaw, Guerreiro Do Divino Amor, Melissa Dullius, Gustavo Jahn, Romain Dumesnil, Mikko Gaestel, Carla Guagliardi, Jean-François Guiton, Ana Hupe, Pauline Izumi Colin, Ingrid Kraus, Saulo Laudares, Olav Lorentzen, Luciana Magno, Fabien Maheu, Franz Manata, Manoela Medeiros, Renato Órdenes San Martín, Danilo Timm, Denis Altschul, Luter Filho, Tobias Feltes, Laura Pattinson, Gui Pondé, João Paulo Quintella, Gabriel Ribeiro, Bernd Sandner, Oskar Schmidt, Chaveli Sifre, Lisa Simpson, Michelle Sommer, Anton Steenbock, Felipe Vaz.

Printed tabloid with illustrations and indexes. 24 pages, 100 copies. Sold out.
Digital edition, 38 pages, videos, sounds, more than 120 images. Available here.