Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Neukölln, Mentale Landschaft (programme of 5 films)

A programme of 5 short films of the artist Marie-Pierre Bonniol which have been produced between 2018 and 2020 at least partly in the neighborhood of Neukölln in Berlin, on the night, motors, volatility and ghosts, with Neukölln as mental landscape.

Programme of 30 minutes, screened within the frame of the festival Offenes Neukölln in Berlin, Germany, from 5th to the 7th of June 2020.

Berlin Nuit (2018, 15 min 30)
Three Motors (2018, 1 min 55)
The Frame (2018, 1 min 21)
Volatile (2019, 9 min 35)
Korridor (2020, 1 min 16), co-directed by Walter Duncan

Photo credit: excerpt of the film Volatile (2019, 9 min 35), Marie-Pierre Bonniol.

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