Maya Schweizer

Where Ivy Cracks the Wall

16,8 X 23,6 CM, 104 PAGES (ILL.)


New book on Maya Schweizer’s moving image works and complex montage aesthetics, with six essays.
This trilingual monograph by the French artist based in Berlin highlights the idea of the film-monument that underlies her latest film and video realizations. The book reflects the spirit of her work by exploring four recent films, which are all variations on the question of memory and its cinematographic representation. The new contributions of six authors provide an in-depth insight into the films and an introduction to Maya Schweizer’s work.
Maya Schweizer (born 1976, Maisons-Alfort, France, lives and works in Berlin) is a visual artist, videographer and photographer.

This book focuses on the corpus of films including:

  • – Regarde par ici,… Und dort die Puschkinallee (2018)
  • – A Tall Tale (2017)
  • – Texture of Oblivion (2016)
  • – A Memorial, a Synagogue, a Bridge and a Church (2012)

Texts :

  • Pascale Cassagnau – Maya Schweizer, the daily Islander
  • Christa Blümlinger – Cinéplastiques de Maya Schweizer – On A Memorial, a Synagogue, a Bridge and a Church
  • Evgenia Giannouri – Short Story of A Tall Tale
  • Beatrice von Bismarck, Kilian Schellbach & Maya Schweizer (conversation) – The Hatch, a Fly and there the Puschkinallee
  • Aden Mey – Textures of In/visibility. Maya Schweizer’s Exhibitionary Cinematism
  • Holger Schulze – Haunted Sonarios: Sonic Traces in the Works of Maya Schweizer

Technical information :

  • Date of publication: Juin 2019
  • Distribution : Presses du Réel
  • Publisher : Naima éditions – Bureau Berlinois : Manon Piel, Agathe Lacroix
  • Translations : Matthew Cunningham, Philippe Mothe, Jacqueline Todd
  • Proofreading: Sandra Bürgel, Nolwenn Chauvin, Sonja Hornung, Sabine Weier
  • Graphic design : Charlotte Collin – Formula Studio
  • Printing : Medialis, Berlin
  • Format : 17 x 23,7 cm – 108 pages
  • Languages : French, German, English
  • Price : 20 €

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