Rainier Lericolais

Volume 7



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Volume 007 is a Digital Fanzine by Rainier Lericolais with more than 300 pictures about his work during the year 2015. Workshop pieces, collages, photographs, sculptures, drawings, prints, exhibition views, music, live recordings, radio broadcasts, publications, readings, texts.
“Artist and musician, Rainier Lericolais has developed since the early 90's a work of painting, sculpture, drawing and photography, crossed by a constant concern for the imprint, the transfer, the trace and the ghostly, while exploring the links between music and visual arts” writes Christine Macel, curator at the Center Pompidou and curator of the 57th Venice Biennale. With Volume 007, Rainier Lericolais invites us to a more introspective than retrospective journey in his recent work.