‘La Céramique Comme Expérience’, Vol 2, International Colloquium


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Encounters between ceramics, glass and digital languages

New places of experience and research

The city and region of Limoges are an international landmark in ceramics. This is evidenced in local history and the presence of many notable institutions, including research centres, industry, busi-nesses and start-ups. In this context, research – whether fundamental or applied, technical or artistic – is a major priority and is in constant evolution.
‘La Céramique Comme Expérience’ (CCE) is the new research labora-tory of l’École nationale supérieure d’art de Limoges. It aims to promote transdisciplinary projects within the art and design departments. CCE is a platform for experimental artistic research; in close association with theoretical and scientific research, into ceramics, glass and digi-tal tools and technologies.
This International Colloquium explores various forms of research asso-ciated with the theoretical and artistic concerns of the CCE.
What philosophical questions arise from a reflection on the rela-tionship between digital technologies and art?
How will the history of ceramics be transformed by the digital revo-lution and these new tools for design, production and distribution?
How do contemporary artists combine contemporary research protocols, craft skills and digital tools?
How do scientific laboratories, artists’ residences (specialized in ceramic or glass), high tech start-ups and other innovation institu-tions develop innovative transdisciplinary research methodologies?
Guest speakers include philosophers, art historians, artists, designers, engineers, scientists, students as well as institutional representatives.


Charles Aharonian – Bernardaud, Limoges (text in French)
Marc Bormand – Louvre Museum, Paris (text in French)
Anne Bouquillon – C2RMF, Research and restoration center of the museums of France, Paris (text in French)
François Brument  – Les Arts codés, Paris (text in French)
Mick Finch – Central Saint Martins College of Art, London (text in French)
Yann Grienenberger – CIAV, International Glass Art Center, Meisenthal (text in French)
Michel Menu – C2RMF, Paris (text in French)
Michel Paysant – CCE Lab, Ensa Limoges (text in French)
Tamar Shafrir  – Unfold, Antwerp (text in English)
Ranti Tjan – EKWC / European Ceramic Work Centre, Oisterwijk (text in English)

and business representatives of 3dCeram, Cerinnov, Imerys