Huayra LLanque, Jour-nuit-jour (Day-Night-Day)

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The Jour-nuit-jour (Day-Night-Day) series is a set of videos made during the transition from one day to another. It testifies of the transformation in progress, through the evolution of light. This work began in 2013 in Northern Europe, where the day and night periods are highly contrasted according to the seasons, and continued on several sites at different periods.
While questioning the boundaries between day and night, the series bears witness to an imperceptible movement, which continues, in which human activities take place.
Two videos, Harbour (2016.03, 76 min 49), Harbour (2016.04, 99 min 44), from the Jour-nuit-jour series, are offered together on the Naima site and can be broadcast simultaneously on two screens. Neither accelerated nor slowed down, they are placed in parallel with the rhythm of our activities.